Born in 1981. Established 2020.

Growing up in the heart of the SY Community in Brooklyn has been awesome.

The people, culture, attitude, streets and closeness make this hood a limitless canvas to live and build a family in. 

You gotta be bold and focused to make here, no doubt, just be sure to DAHAK whenever you can. 

Your swag ain't no different!

DAHAK is the SY brand for the SY community (and beyond).

A line of premium street-wear (tees, hats, accessories and more) with an SY twist, DAHAK is the source to get your drip.

Whether you are heading to: work, a Deal party, play ball, date nights, just hang out with friends or solo at home, DAHAK has you covered. 

Yalla, enough sketching around; book some of these hadeed goods today.

Just remember, no matter how serious things get...